About Mr Kirkland

Hello, I’m Mr Kirkland.

Since 2006 I’ve been a hobo entrepreneur having lived in Tokyo, Berlin, London and a few spots in South East Asia. I’m a fan of bullet points, I’m sure you are too so:

  • Founder of artweb.com webhosting platform and gallery for almost 20,000 artists
  • Co-founder of tokyocheapo.com, popular Tokyo blog with almost 100,000 regular readers
  • Podcast co-host and writer on HoboCEO.com
  • Occassional speaker and occassional headstands
  • Tech Experiene in: SaaS, scalability, PHP, AWS, MySQL

Other projects include:

Bedroom Rockstar

Also on the todo list is to be a rock star in the not to distant future
Here’s a very special performance:

More details on the music page

Press and Speaking

mr kirkland speaking at ride the lightning

My projects and I have featured in IDG News, The Wall Street Journal and a collection of other small publications you probably haven’t heard of. I’m happy to stand in front of crowds up to a few thousand and blabber on about a few select topics, contact me for me details.

pechakucha presentation
speaking at Pecha Kucha Tokyo